Main Services

  • equipoCoordination with the Traffic Department to receive and review on time, all documentation, import and export, as well as timely notification of discrepancies in documents or goods that may arise.
  • Coordination of inland carriers, airlines and shipping companies, for collection, handling and customs clearance of goods.
  • Correct classification of customs codes.
  • Detailed report on the status of customer operations, from start to finish, based on their requirements and information management methods.
  • union serviciosPrior recognition of goods at 100%.
  • SAI management system to capture and validation of the customs clearance document approved by the authority.
  • Payment of customs clearance documents in electronic form either under revolving fund, with deposit and / or authorized debiting.
  • Managing processes for urgent shipments.
  • Release on time, according with established parameters.
  • Generation and printing of the Manifestation of Value and spreadsheet.
  • Elaboration and submission of expense accounts and related documents, within the parameters set by the client.


Contact Us

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At Manzanillo, Col.

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Cold & Dry Storage

  • Laredo, Texas
    1130 Black Diamond St.
    (3 km. Puente Columbia, NL), 78045