Cold And Dry Warehouse, Laredo TX


Our company offers integrated solutions, for storage services, handling, forwarding and customs brokerage, for foreign trade between the United States and Mexico, through the Laredo Customs, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and / or bridge Colombia, Nuevo Laredo.


  • Cooling platform with 18 doors, perfectly airtight and automatized, that keeps the cold chain in fresh and frozen products.
  • Refrigerated warehouse with a storage capacity of 450 to 500 positions.  1,200 m3
  • Frozen warehouse with a storage capacity of 2,600 positions.  6500 m3.
  • Transshipment area for uninterrupted cold chain.
  • Dry warehouse of 3,000 mts2, with platform for 12 trucks perfectly aligned.
  • Paved patio with space for 60 boxes / trailer.

Main Services and Competitive Advantages:

  • Reception.
  • Handling (Loading and unloading, palletized, etc.)
  • Pick up.
  • Inland Freight.
  • Transfer.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Storage.
  • We have a FDA Certifier at our facilities.
  • Development of periodic reports based on your requirements and needs.


Contact Us

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Cold & Dry Storage

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